Top 5 Study Abroad Myths

I might want to check out at the potential for U.S. undergrads to concentrate on abroad in Cyprus and examine the importance of understudies and Study Abroad Advisors investigating Cyprus as a significant and significant concentrate abroad objective.

Most importantly, how about we see those apparent impediments to concentrate on abroad in Cyprus.

1. Hardly any Americans have a lot of experience with Cyprus.

– what of it? How about we learn!

– most that truly do be aware of Cyprus, love it

– Cyprus is an advanced, flourishing EU İngiltere’de Dil Eğitimi (European Union) country and ought to be known by Americans

2. Since the main language in Cyprus is Greek, numerous American understudies and Study Abroad Advisors could inaccurately accept that except if understudies are familiar with Modern Greek language, they wouldn’t have the option to learn at a Cypriot foundation of advanced education.

– indeed, the authority language of Cyprus is Greek, yet the greater part of the populace is multi-lingual and English is normally communicated in as a subsequent language

– the University of Nicosia involves English as the authority language (expect in the School of Education) of guidance and organization

– non-Greek talking understudies can without much of a stretch explore the college, the local area and travel all through Cyprus in English as it were

3. There are not very many schools and colleges in Cyprus

– until 2008, there was only one (1) college in Cyprus

– in 2008, four private schools where granted college level status by the Ministry of Education

– The University of Nicosia was laid out quite a long time back on the U.S. advanced education construction and capacities scholastically and authoritatively lined up with most U.S. colleges.

4. Cypriot establishments have not elevated themselves to the American concentrate abroad market.

– until 2004 when the University of Nicosia (previously Intercollege) created Global Learning Semesters as an association to act as the worldwide promoting and U.S. understudy support for Intercollege, there was next to no advancement of Cypriot advanced education to the U.S. undergrad market

– Worldwide Learning Semesters presently upholds many U.S. undergrads learning at the University of Nicosia every year.

5. Since Cyprus is a bi-mutual society separated by a United Nations neutral territory, certain individuals might think Cyprus is a risky area.

– Cyprus is a fairly steady country, flourishing individual from the European Union, and has not encountered any savagery connected with the bi-shared status starting around 1974.

– An ideal learning research facility for understudies, the bi-mutual status of Cyprus is extraordinary spot for understudies to find out about global relations, dynamic UN discussions, and ethnic/public divisions in a stable, peaceful society.

6. Since Cyprus is so near the “Center East” certain individuals might feel that it is an Arab country and additionally may have security issues connected with “Center Eastern” nations.

– arranged in the Mediterranean, Cyprus is a nearby partner, neighbor and companion of Greece

– Cyprus is thought of as a “Christian” country with most of Cypriots noticing Orthodox Christianity

– in geographic vicinity, Cyprus is nearer to Israel, Egypt and Turkey than it is to it’s Western European partners

– strategically, monetarily, and universally… Cyprus is an individual from the European Union and hence works as a flourishing European culture

– socially, Cyprus has a long and different history of living in the go across streets of European, Middle Eastern, and North African civilizations, and subsequently profits by a socially assorted point of view and uncovered the normal U.S. understudy to a Mediterranean go across streets not found in a significant part of the normal objections Americans accumulate

Then, how about we take a gander at a portion of the significant factors any understudy ought to think about while picking an applicable report abroad program.

1. What are the scholarly choices accessible?

2. Might I at any point acquire scholarly credit that will add to my certification design?

3. Do I meet the qualification prerequisites of the program?

4. Will the social experience be applicable to my scholar, individual and vocation objectives?

5. Do the understudy uphold administrations address my issues?

6. Could I at any point bear the cost of it?

Scholastic Options in Cyprus

About UNic: The University of Nicosia is an autonomous, co-instructive, equivalent open door tertiary schooling establishment, joining the best components in western training, quality norms and a worldwide way of thinking.

Situated in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, an island which lies at the go across streets of three landmasses, the University has in practically no time turned into worldwide training community. Global in way of thinking, the University has understudies from everywhere the world, in a multicultural learning climate, advancing fellowship, participation and understanding.

The University seeks after greatness in training through high showing norms, in a consistently working on scholarly climate. Other than homeroom guidance, the University offers understudies potential chances to become associated with an entire scope of exercises including understudy clubs, sports, public talks and courses.

The University is effectively engaged with European and nearby exploration projects as an accomplice and as a planning foundation. Moreover, the University of Nicosia got endorsement for an Erasmus University Charter and is an authority member in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). The University of Nicosia is likewise effectively engaged with the local area with lobbies for different causes, including natural insurance. In acknowledgment of this work the foundation got the lofty “Worldwide 500” grant from the United Nations. Different instances of local area administration incorporate lobbies for battling widespread starvation and raising assets for noble motivations. In a continuous task, teachers help jail prisoners secure information and abilities in Computing, Art and Psychology.