The Unfair Mario 2 Unblocked Game 

The Unfair Mario 2 Unblocked Game is a free online version of the original Super Nintendo game. The object of the game is to go through levels and collect coins, find secret passages, and avoid enemies.

The Unfair Mario 2 Unblocked Game has been played by over 1.5 million gamers since its release in 2011 and it’s still going strong!


What is the Mario 2 Unblocked Game?

The Unfair Mario 2 Unblocked Game is a Flash version of the original Super Nintendo game. It was released in 2011 and has been played by more than 1.5 million people since then.

The general idea of the game is to go through levels, collect as many coins as possible, find secret passages and avoid enemies. In this version, you can choose from Donkey Kong or Zelda characters but no Yoshi. You start with a limited amount of lives and lose them when you are hit by an enemy or fall down a gap.

It is very similar to the original Super Nintendo version except that you can use different characters and it has an extra level called “The Final Battle” which is only accessible once you have completed all 36 regular levels.

How to unblock it?

When games are blocked by your school or network, you need to use a special tool to bypass the block. You can find more information on how it works here. The Unfair Mario 2 Unblocked Game is very popular at the moment so we suggest you move quickly before it gets blocked!

The game does not require any download and is safe to use. The Unfair Mario 2 Unblocked Game is an action game, published by Exploding Rabbit and released on Microsoft Windows on January 1st, 2012 as a sequel to the 2008 flash.

Why you should play the game

First, if you haven’t tried the first game yet we suggest you go and play it now. The Unfair Mario is an online puzzle video game whose object is to reach the end of a level by dodging and jumping over obstacles and enemies.

The game is continuing the story of Mario, who must once again face new obstacles on his way to rescue Princess Peach. This time he has help from a red character named Uncle Unfair.

Mario must be used to his advantage and avoid all the obstacles on his way through 24 new levels, in which many new features are introduced, but also some of the old ones make a comeback.

The benefits of playing this game

It is suitable for all ages, so you can enjoy the game with both your younger and older relatives. Besides this, the graphics are designed in a way that makes them look like they belong to classic Mario games.

The Unfair Mario 2 Unblocked Game has no violence or bad language which makes it suitable for young players as well. The beginner’s guide which you get when you start the game provides basic guidelines on how to handle your character.

You can use the arrow keys to move and space bar for jumping, but there are also upgrades that make life much easier. For example, you can get a helmet that protects Mario from getting hurt

Tips and tricks for playing the game more efficiently and effectively

As the name suggests, the game is in 2D which makes it difficult to control your character. It’s best if you take things easy in the beginning and avoid jumping too much or trying to speed through levels.

Avoid that at all costs because Mario’s hitbox means he will die instantly from a fall.

Water is also deadly to Mario so make sure you avoid the rivers and oceans at all costs. If you absolutely have to go through water then make sure your character doesn’t come into contact with it for too long, or he will drown!