Football betting tips for the upcoming season – Predictions and insights

The new football season is fast approaching, so it’s time to start thinking about your betting strategy. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, having a plan ready before the season kicks off helps lead to more successful wagers. Several teams have brewing quarterback battles that have already begun in preseason. A team’s performance this season will largely depend on its starter. It will be easier to evaluate these teams once you know who wins these competitions.

The league hired seven new head coaches around the league for this season. New coaches re-energize locker rooms and bring new offensive/defensive schemes. It often takes time to rebuild culture and fully implement new systems. Be cautious betting on teams in the season as they transition to new staff. But also keep an eye out for any teams that seem to be responding very well to their new coach, which could translate to early wins.

Divisional strength

Some divisions appear to be much stronger top-to-bottom than others entering the season. The AFC West and NFC West look competitive, while the AFC South and NFC East seem fairly weak. Be sure to evaluate each team in the context of their divisional opponents when forecasting season records and placing futures bets. Just because a team made the playoffs last season does not guarantee they will do so again in a tougher divisional field.

When handicapping each week’s slate of games, watch for any unique scheduling dynamics. Pay attention to teams that are debuting a new starting quarterback against a strong defense or have a tough stretch of consecutive road games. Also, look for teams coming off extended breaks or those who are on the back end of long road trips. There are often good betting opportunities based on these types of scheduling situations.

Beyond just the coaches, there are always plenty of impactful player personnel changes each offseason. Whether it’s trades, free-agent additions, retirements, or holdouts, always stay on top of major roster moves. Understanding personnel changes will allow you to spot teams that got better or worse on paper. Make sure to stay up to date on the latest news and line movements. With the research and measured approach, you put yourself in a strong position to win more football bets in the 2023-24 season. Just don’t go overboard on the judi bola, bet responsibly! Which teams do you expect to exceed or fall short of expectations? The opening kickoff is right around the corner so let the football and betting begin!