5 SEO Trends and What You Should Do Now to Take Advantage of It

Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies regularly change. It’s also due to the rules set by Google. With the constant changes, there’s no choice but to keep adapting. Otherwise, it would hurt the company’s efforts to be more visible online. Some trends are worth following and taken advantage of. They’re even more crucial for franchise owners. Here are some franchise SEO trends to consider. 

  1. Focus on local SEO 

Many people prefer buying from local stores. They usually add “near me” or the city’s name when looking for information on search engines. They want the choices closest to them to appear on top. Therefore, businesses must strategize to be among the top options. Optimize the right keywords. Create a brand profile on various local online communities and try to keep local directories up-to-date. This strategy also works for franchises. It helps to let everyone know that their favorite brand has a local franchise. 

  1. Use voice SEO 

With the advent of voice assistants, more people prefer to look for information using their voices, as it’s more convenient. It also displays the top options like the regular online search. With voice search, people use longer sentences and keywords. They also ask questions instead of using short phrases. Therefore, companies must try to optimize these keywords and take the lead early. Other businesses don’t even have an effort to reach the target group using voice SEO techniques. 

  1. Focus on data analytics

It’s critical to understand the numbers and what they mean. The strategies will evolve based on these figures. Even before starting an SEO campaign, there must be an effort to analyze the keywords. Use appropriate keywords using the right tools. Otherwise, it’s a futile effort. The company will optimize keywords that no one uses. Another reason to focus on the data is to determine the other ways to advertise online. If the bounce rate is high, it means the content requires drastic changes. It might also be due to the slow loading speed. Changes depend on what the data tells. Don’t hesitate to improve if the previous strategies don’t do anything to boost the brand. 

  1. Improve web design

It’s a common mistake to believe that web design is only about aesthetic appeal. The truth is that it’s also about ease in navigation and overall user experience. The website must be easy to understand and browse. Visitors who wish to buy something online must not face problems. If the website doesn’t load quickly, there’s an issue with the web design. The presence of several elements is another web design error. Change the details based on how the visitors respond to what they see.

  1. Make the website more responsive 

Since more people use their phones to browse information online, the websites must be responsive. When the page looks messy when opened on a mobile phone, the visitor will close the page and jump to the next choice. It’s a lost opportunity. Responsive websites won’t face problems when opened with any device. It also helps to have clear images since they convince people to patronize the brand. If they can’t see the pictures, it’s another problem. 

Work with franchise SEO experts

Understanding these trends is necessary. They also change quickly. The company must learn to adapt to these changes. Working with experts will take the advertising strategies in a positive direction. They know what works and what doesn’t. They also understand the trends. Even with franchises, they know how to make the ads look more appealing. It’s better to have them as partners in this endeavor.